Monster Energy Presents a film by Tim Boydell and Reubyn Ash, documenting 3, 50 degree, dusty days at the Wadi Adventure Wave Pool in Al Ain near Dubai. In what is regarded as ‘one of the best wave pools in the world’, Reubyn Ash Had three days to see what he could do. Nestled in the foot hills of the Jebel Hafeet mountain range, the Wadi Adventure Wave Pool set the scene for 3 days of non-stop surfing in this rare and unique location.

What is truly possible when nature is set to one side and instinct is replaced with passion, determination and skill?

Tim Boydell and Monster Energy’s Reubyn Ash set about documenting their adventure into the Arabian desert with this question in mind. If actions speak louder than words then Reubyn’s surfing speaks for itself.

Reubyn Ash “one of the oddest things was losing the ‘random’ not surfing by instinct and momentary changes in the sea, it actually made surfing this wave harder!…but once you had the wave dialled in…the possibilities felt endless. I just wish I could go back for a week!” 

Directed - Filmed - Edited : Tim Boydell
Second Unit : Joel Gray
Talent : Reubyn Ash
Music : Produced for Desert ASH by BOYDE

Quiksilver Moments 2 delves into the individuality of Quiksilver’s global surf team. 

Go from urban sprawl to island perfection with Jeremy Flores, have fun and sip coconuts with Dane Reynolds, see what dreams are made of with the 11x World Champ Kelly Slater and get lost in the timeless groove of Craig Ando.

Though each rider’s style is unique, the film captures moments in time of their common bond…surfing. filmed in Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Reunion Island with appearances from the new crop of Young Guns.

surfingsurfingsurfing videosurfing videossurfing videosurf videossurfingsurfing surfing gromsurfing surfkelly slater videosurfin craig andersonsurfing craig andersonsurfingsurfing craig andersonsurfing videosbikinisurfing kelly slater

Florida’s Brad Domke has been knocking on the door of Progression. Towing into heavy waves in Mexico and Puerto Rico on a Skim Board. This guy can Skurf/skim whatever you like to call it on overhead waves, and he does it with steez. Getting barreled, 360s you name it, we are excited for what is to come from this young talent.

Brad Domke Skimbrad domke skurfingbrad domke getting barreled skimbrad domke getting barreled skurfingbrad domke skim big wavebrad domke getting barreled skimbrad domke florida skimbrad domke skim puerto ricobrad domke tow in skim skurf

The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii has always been the center of Surfing.Take a look into Life on the North Shore thru the eyes of Oakley Team Riders Kai Barger, Danny Fuller, Sebastian Zietz, Dustin Barca, Bruce Irons, Julian Wilson, Makua Rothman and more. 

Pipeline surfing north shore of oahuSurfing pipeline hawaiipipeline barrel surfingWaimea surfing big swellempty pipeline barrel hawaii surfingkai barger surfing pipeline, barreledbruce irons oakley hawaiijulian wilson surfing big pipeline swelljadson andre surfing in hawaiisurfing video pipeline hawaiipipeline waves, surfer in barrel, photographers filming the action kai barger stand up barrel surfing in hawaiikai barger surfing pipeline barrel hawaiikai barger surfing pipeline hawaii kai barger surfing a big barrel at pipelinehawaii surfing, surfer boosting hawaiian sunset surfperfect hawaiian sunset on the north shore of oahu

Credits for filming and Editing goes out to:

LACHLAN MCKINNON Director, Editor, Camera Man

Pete Hodgson Camera Man

Larry Haynes Water Camera

Dune Newhouse Camera Man additional footage

Jacob Wooden Camera Man

Paul Daniel Camera Man

Willis Engelhart skiing Breckenridge Terrain Parks Lane in late March. Lotsa style!

Music: Survival of the Fittest by Mobb Deep

Filmed on the Panasonic Lumix GH1

Thanks to Durand Nixon for sharing this with us!

Dragon Alliance South Pacific’s Surf Team welcomes Noa Deane to the team. They say his distinctive character and ability to match… he has a bright future ahead.

Thanks to Tom Edgar for sharing this with us.

noa deane surfing for dragon alliance surf team

Josh Kerr Surfing last winter in the North Shore of Hawaii and Waimea Bay. 

Filmed by filmmaker Michael Kleiner of Circulate Motion well known for their film  Way of the Ocean

Music is Come As You Are covered by Porcelain Rafts.

Josh Kerr Surfing Hawaii

josh kerr surfing pipeline hawaii

Pipeline hawaii surf swell

girls in bikinis playing on the north shore hawaii

surfing hawaii big swell

Josh Kerr surfing Waimea Bay

New Smyrna Beach’s own Evan Geiselman Surfing in the Mentawais Islands, Indonesia in his own explosive smooth way. He’s really shown to be an ambassador for progressive surfing, I mean he makes it look so effortless!

Indonesia.. what a place. Water Footage feels like it was filmed with a RED EPIC camera. It really makes everything turn out so crisp. The rest was filmed with a Cannon 7D. 

The Music is  "bad things" by the cults. 

Evan Geiselman Surfing Mentawais. Frontside 360Evan Geiselman Surfing Mentawais. Getting BarreledMentawais Island Indonesia Surf. Empty BarrelEvan Geiselman Surfing Indonesia. Getting Barreled.Evan Geiselman Surfing Mentawais. In the Barrel

Ry Craike Surfing at home in West OZ over the Summer by Rick Rific. This is so well composed and filmed. It’s much more than just another surfing video!

Captured using High Speed Camera the RED EPIC from the water at 300 frames per second. Using a 9.8mm Centuary Prime lens and a RED Prime 18mm.

Music:little Miss Jeans- The Suburbs

Watch Taj Burrow Surfing West OZ

Taj Burrow surfing at home in West Australia. He’s Getting barreled, Smacking lips and  blowing out fins to say the least. what a fun looking wave. What more do you want??

Captured by Rick Rifici on using a RED EPIC Camera at 300 frames per Second from the Water. Custom Built Dave Kelly Water housing Century 9.8mm Prime lens and a Red 18mm Prime lens.

The music: Brian Jonestown Massacre - You Look Great When I’m High

Koa “Doyle” Smith + friends hit the North Shore of Oahu! 
Get ready for a good laugh.

Created by Alex Smith & Dan Treanor
Filmed by Dan Treanor & Dune

Part II of series from the North Shore of Oahu in 2012 with Alex & Koa Smith.
Tons of barrels & girls, the essence of the of the North Shore experience…

Also starring Reef Macintosh (on the wave of the winter) + John John Florence

Watch Part 1 HERE
Edited: D Trean
Directed by D Trean & Alex Smith
Filmed: D Trean, Dune Newhouse & a few from Lachie Mckinnon